Airbus and EASA "recommend" replacement of Thales pitot tube system

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Airbus Industries and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) have recommended the replacement of the Thales pitot tube system. Airbus calls it a “precautionary measure”. My first question is why is it only a recommendation? If it led directly to the loss of AF-447, then I would think a directive should be issued. My second question is why is it only for the A-330/340 aircraft? If the Thales system is indeed defective shouldn’t it be pulled off of all aircraft? In fact, if it is causing fatal accidents, shouldn’t all aircraft flying the system be grounded until they are replaced? We already know the Thales has failed on an A-320; why no recommendation to change them out on that model as well?

There is much more to this story. The action—or inaction—of EASA does not make sense. And it still doesn’t explain the loss of AF-447. Three flights since the fatal accident, in two different model Airbuses, have had the same failure. All three returned safely.

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  1. Rick 4 August 2009 at 16:34 #

    I am still troubled by why the FAA wouldn’t take action here. If there is an obvious fault point, one would think they would at least put out an AD on all U.S. Flagged carriers with this problem. Can you explain why the FAA is not doing anything with this?

  2. Chip 4 August 2009 at 21:28 #

    No, I can not explain it.

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