Airline Industry delays; who is really responsible?

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I agree with my old friend Sean’ in his article below. To be sure the Legacy Carriers have slashed capacity and manning since 911. I would add to his point on manning shortages; that IMO the biggest impact on delays has been caused by the Network carriers relacing mainline aircraft with small RJs.

These little 32 seat jets take the same airspace/slot/gate as a 500 seat AB-380. To be sure you can’t fly a wide body to smaller markets; however flying 10 flights a day on a city pair to move the same amount of pax as 2 narrow bodies adds up to congestion. Its not rocket science.

They also cause a loss of service to the really small markets due to cost. The turbo props that used to serve the tertiary markets AND operate at different altitudes, use different runways as well as no requirement for gates are being phased out.

Very ironic indeed when you read quotes from airline executives blaming private jets for the problem; RJs are converted private jets!


Sent: Friday, June 08, 2007 2:57 PM
Subject: AW&ST May 28, 2007 “Record Delays Loom”

> Come on! To place all blame for projected delays on an anticipated
> system is pure non-sense. Do Marion (FAA) and Jim (ATA) really
believe the
> air traffic problems can be laid solely at the feet of the ATC
> Even to the most casual observer, the “legacy carriers” have been
> capacity since 9/11 in a drive to lower costs and improve profit
> The by-product is the flying customer deals with reduced customer
> as well as little to no back-up contingencies in the event travel
> are disrupted. The drive back to draconian management measures in
> to service reliability has a much larger impact on the “looming
delays” as
> any alleged ATC issues; even more so. Revenue to stock holders as
> to customer reliability issues is much more important to the airlines

> these days and the only way to address this problem is through
> denial of service.
> Sean P McDonald
> Fairhope Alabama

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