Boeing fires President CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes Division

Posted on 02. Sep, 2009 by in Airlines, Blog

Boeing Commercial Airplanes Division President and CEO Scott Carson suddenly announced his retirement at the end of the year. Most people call it getting fired. It appears Boeing Corporation has their scape goat.

Here is a novel question; he was held accountable for the out-sourcing fiasco, but was he responsible for it?

Let’s take a look: He took over the Commercial Airplane Division and it’s already troubled 787 Dreamliner in September 2006. Before that he was VP of Sales, prior to that he was head of the broad band connectivity unit Connexion, and before that he was the Chief Financial Officer.

Sales, IT, and Finance; doesn’t look to me like he made the decision to out-source the production of the 787. Looks to me like he was, “thrown under the bus,” after 38 years of loyal service. Dennis Muilenburg will take over the troubled division, good luck!

It reminds me of an old Navy Sea Story:

Back in the 1960s, a Skipper was relieved of Command because he couldn’t keep the tired, old, WWII Destroyer he captained in formation. When the new Commanding Officer showed up he handed him three letters that were numbered sequentially. He told the new Skipper; “When the Admiral asks why you can’t keep up with the task force, open letter number one. When he sends another message asking about the inability of your ship to maintain formation, open number two, same with the third.”

A few weeks later, sure enough the old Destroyer fell behind after one of its boilers blew out. The new Skipper opened letter one in preparation of the Admirals inquiry. It contained a single sentence;
“Blame your predecessor.”
Again, within weeks, he was forced to open another letter;
“Blame the old equipment.”
Just a few days later the old Tin Can went dead in the water. The new Skipper sprinted for his quarters as the Admirals high-pitched and excited voice came over the ship to ship frequency. His quarters, like all ships captains, were adjacent to the bridge. As he tore open the third letter, he could still hear the Admiral demanding an answer for his ships incompetence. Inside the envelope he found a single sentence yet again;
“Prepare three letters.”

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