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A few brave men were thrown against the Axis in a desperate attempt to hold the line until America’s industrial might and military could muster reinforcements.

Project Seven Alpha, by Leland Shanle, a retired Navy aviator and former test pilot, is the fact-based story of a small group of American Airlines pilots who volunteered to fly combat missions from a hidden base they called Shangri-La. They flew over the most notorious territory in the world: the Himalayan Mountain Range — known as The Hump.

Project Seven Alpha thrusts the reader into the cockpits of aircraft at war, offering insight into the cloistered world of pilots’ hearts and minds. The journey of 7Alpha starts in Texas and witnesses some of the most spectacular sights on the planet, as the crews island-hop their way to war.

The great adventure takes an ominous turn when the war news worsens.

J.T. Dobbs and his righthand man and best friend, Charles Henry Brennan, fight to hold the diverse band of characters together as they battle the Japanese. Adrenalin-laced aerial exploits unfold and the under-manned , ill-equipped warriors of Shangri-La hang on by their fingernails, waiting for replacements.

Fast-paced Project Seven Alpha is set against the historic events of a turbulent and dangerous time when the “greatest” generation was called upon to make huge sacrifices.The story will propel you across the sky and back in time. It will rivet you with action and draw you close to the characters at a desperate time in World War II history. A time when the skies were filled with hunters and the hunted: aluminum cocoons, hot steel and fragile men. Average men; real men, in extraordinary circumstances performing heroic deeds holding the line for freedom. Project Seven Alpha is a novel based on an actual event in a far-flung corner of WWII: the Assam Valley of India.

Flying combat missions into China and Burma (over the Hump), the civilian pilots and crews were borrowed by FDR from American Airlines. Half were WWI vets, the rest young men charging off to the sound of war. Harsh lessons would quickly dampen their enthusiasm as the realities of aerial warfare unfolded. Written by a retired military pilot, Project Seven Alpha will put you in the cockpit — and make cold sweat run down your back.

If action and fully developed characters is your preference in novels, you will consume this book in a single read. It is an absolute “must have” for the aviation buff’s library.

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