Posted on 06. Oct, 2008 by in Featured

In the aviation world the term broken arrow has always been bad. During the Vietnam War it meant an American unit was in danger of being over-run. All airborne assets were diverted, to support the unit under seige. On board USN aircraft carriers during the cold War, it meant a nuc weapon was damaged and leaking radioactive material.

Broken Arrow; whether broadcast over strike frequences, or a ships 1 MC (PA system) caused all action to stop. Priorites were realigned and only the most important dealt with. The term came to me while I watched the incompetance of the US Congress last week. As Rome burned, an entire building of Neros fidled. Prefering to argue over more important issues; like toy arrows.

The talking heads on cable explained, “well this is simply how congress works”. The American people know that, and that is exactly why we have had enough. Another exclaimed that it was like making sausage, not pretty. True; and the primary ingrediant of sausage? PORK!

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