FEDEX Honors Their Fallen Pilots

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In the Airline business it’s referred to as going west, the following has been disseminated by FEDEX.

Fallen Pilots

As all of you know, one of the fallen pilots was based on San Antonio. First Officer Tony Pino is a retired Air Force officer and has been flying with FedEx for a little over 3 years. He usually flew international and was primarily flying out of ANC. On Friday the 13th of this month, Pino jumpseated out of San Antonio for the last time with a promise to his wife that he would be home Thursday the 26th. Today, we received about 12 of the Pino family and friends on the ramp along with 35 uniformed pilots and approx 70 of our FedEx family to fulfill that promise.

In Narita, Japan there were a number of pilots in full uniform to present the remains of both pilots to the aircraft and see the flight off. In Oakland for a gas and go there were 25+ full uniformed pilots that went up the stairs and paid respects to the fallen ones. In MEM a full color guard received the two and took them to a hangar where Fred Smith, Dave Bronczek and a large number of executives received 400-500 pilots and personnel that were bused to pay respects. My understanding is that Mr. Smith was there for the duration. People signed a book for each family.

After which, Captain Mosely was flown to Portland Oregon this morning where the Ramp Team received the family and had approx 80 employees lined up on the nose dock. Their operation was without any issues or concerns and was a very moving presentation according to the Senior Manager.

F/O Pino was taken to a MEM funeral home and escorted for 12 hours by 2 crew until time for the dayturn show time. A full honor presentation accompanied the loading. Flowers were also sent to the MEM funeral home and all of those were loaded on our flight 379 along with crewmen (2 were formal escorts). Our pilots were not ever left without escort from Japan until the funerals and will not be unless the family requests otherwise.

At San Antonio, it rained today until approx 1400hrs, skies cleared and the sun came out. It was a beautiful afternoon. We received the family and parked them on the tarmac at approx 1650hrs along with the guests and uniformed crew. We made arrangements to have the flight land on the closest runway and touched down straight across from our ramp with a perfect landing. The aircraft blocked at 1734hrs and the flowers from Mr. Smith (gorgeous 6 tall arrangement) and the book signed by all in MEM were presented to the widow and 3 boys. Tonys mother and other family were also present.

The body was covered with the American flag and the pilots and honor guard stayed at full attention then moved to salute when the pallet started in motion forward. It was lowered and the honor guard stepped up on the loader. Mrs. Pino came forward with her son, hugged the casket and spent a few moments with her late husband. She retreated and the transfer was completed to the hearse with proper respect and military bearing.

I have a ramp agent that indicated in his 32 years with FedEx it was the proudest moment he has experienced. Our FedEx Team did an exceptional job of honoring these two pilots and I am proud also to report that the SATR Team was able to finish equally strong. Our loader operator, stairs, marshaller and others were absolutely perfect in their execution. One of the pilots I authorized to be here was in full UPS uniform and he was absolutely awed by the respectfulness.

We still work for the best company in the world because we fill it with the best people in the world! Please feel free to share this with your teams as they also should know as well.


Robin Braziel
Senior Manager
Air-Ground & Freight Services
FedEx Express
San Antonio, TX

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  1. Rick 1 April 2009 at 16:28 #

    Thanks for posting this item. I was very moved by it. Fred Smith is a great man…that company did it right.

  2. Chip 2 April 2009 at 07:48 #

    Yes they did, very sad. We get desnsitized to the human impact of accidents via TV/Web. This puts it into perspective.

  3. Col R. David Watson 13 April 2009 at 09:18 #

    I am currently a Colonel in the USAF stationed in Stuttgart Germany at HQ US European Command. My wife Tracey and I are good friends with the Pinos. We meet Tony and Donna in the summer of 1982, where I was Tony’s sponsor for the C-130 unit we were members of at Little Rock AFB, AR. We quickly became the best of friends with Tony and Donna. Tony always had a smile on his face and easily made you laugh. He was a total professional USAF officer with a deep affection for his country, family and friends. Tony will be missed immensely by all that knew him. I sincerely appreciate FEDEX providing him with the honors he richly deserved.

    Col Dave Watson

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