Fly by wire; Airbus and now Toyota

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It is not the system it is the peripheral subsystems. It is not the “thinking electronics” it is the linkage, the floor mat, the pitot system. The problem? Apparently; in both cases the problems continue post fix. Rather than overload you with more engineering and tech-speak: Here is the bottom line: apparently, humans are being over-ridden by machines. And they can’t turn them off. After the QANTAS upsets procedures were implemented to de-energize the electronic brain (ADIRU #1). If I was driving a Toyota I think I’d rig something to pull the fuse on the electronic throttle system just in case.

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  1. Rick 26 March 2010 at 19:24 #

    Chip, Wow….that is a terrific idea! Work out the solution and you could sell it to them! I ran into a lot of problems a few days ago on a cross country with a new Cessna172SP with a G1000 all glass panel. The autopilot really worked against me because it was slaved to the G1000…which can have it’s own problems. I decided it was “inop” in my opinion and never used it again in a 6 hour journey. I worry alot about all these electronics. If I can lose a $500 Blackberry just because it was in the “vicinity” of a shower, there’s too much vulnerability with electronics in our world and in our future. Just my humble opinion. It is one reason I avoid airbus flying.

  2. Chip 28 March 2010 at 14:08 #

    I think the real problem is arrogance. I saw the “father” of fly by wire interviewed on TV once. His selective memory and level of arrogance was staggering. No mention of the thousands that died because of his system. Just the standard engineer anti-pilot rant.

    They do NOT fully understand interference amoung components; that is why they have you turn off every thing in the cabin. In flight test the first thing we would do; step one in a test program, was to hang the new device, pod, weapon whatever, and turn everything on. Just to see what would happen, many times systems would be effected. First you had fighters, then airliners and now cars. How do you get an electromagnetically sterile environment driving around any city in the world? You don’t. Cell towers, radio stations, TV, radar, etc, etc.

    Thinking back to when I was flying over Bosnia one of the things that caused us head aches way back in the day was the automatic doors at grocery stores. It caused our software to ID an airborne threat.

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