Low Flying 747 Airliner, Being Chased by Fighters, Panics New York City

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Is it terrorist hijackers being chased by the US Air Force? Are the fighters maneuvering to shoot them down before they slam into a building? Nope; nothing to be alarmed about, it is just a VC-25A on a Photo Op.

How dumb was this, really, think about it? Intentionally flying a Boeing 747 airliner, with fighters chasing it no less, over the City of New York. A Photo Op? That is correct, the Presidents aircraft getting pictures, with F-16s in trail, over the statue of Liberty. I realize Congress has politicized 911 and the mainstream press completely forgotten about it, however apparently the good people of New York remember it well. Listen to the comments made by the poor Lady taking the video:

The FAA ordered it kept quiet (movement of the Presidents aircraft is classified); telling the police to refer all questions to them. So while buildings were being evacuated panicked citizens were told to contact the FAA. The fact that the President was not actually in the aircraft apparently did not enter into the decision matrix; nor did the “insight” that seeing the second largest airliner in the world chased around ground zero by fighters might just cause a stir.

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  1. Rick 27 April 2009 at 16:01 #

    Unbelievable. One would think Marine One would have been a lot more appropriate. Talk about inter-service rivalry….

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