Air France 447 autopsies appear to verify in flight breakup theory

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Initial autopsy reports being leaked to the press appear to verify the A 330 broke up in mid flight at high speed. Some readers may find the details unpleasant so I will put them on page two.

The bodies recovered so far point to a high speed, in-flight break up of Air France 447. Below are the findings leaked out thus far:

-The bodies were intact with flail injuries.
-The bodies were unclothed.
-There were no burns present.
-There was no water in the lungs.
-There were two groups of bodies found 50 miles apart.

Tactical aviators are familiar with flail injuries. They are associated with ejecting (from a doomed aircraft) at high speed into the airstream. The high-speed air fractures extremities and tears away clothing. Had the aircraft burned or exploded, there would have been burn marks and smoke in the lungs; there were neither. Had the aircraft ditched and sank, water would have been present in the lungs; thus far, there is none. Most telling is that the two groups were 50 miles apart, and the bodies were intact. Had it impacted at a high rate of speed, neither would be the case.

A very sad tragedy; now the investigators must find out why.

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  1. Rick 28 June 2009 at 13:39 #

    Thought you’d find these two articles of interest.

  2. Chip 29 June 2009 at 15:01 #

    Yes they are interesting. I’m doing some research on this and will have an article in the AM. I still think there is another aspect, another data point to the AF 447 incident. QF-74’s hard overs still IMO are a tell tale sign.

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