FAA Inspector “re-assigned” after identifying problems with Colgan Air

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Christopher Monteleon claims he was punished for identifying problems at Colgan Air and is seeking protection under the Federal Whistle Blower Act.

“His complaints — and his troubles — did not begin with Colgan’s handling of the Dash 8. Earlier, he had a bigger job supervising Colgan, as the principal operations inspector. But, he said, after he observed violations and deficiencies in crew training, crew fatigue and other problems, he tried to bring a case against the airline and was blocked by his F.A.A. managers. As punishment, he said, he was demoted.”

A POI (Principle Operations Inspector) is responsible for FAA oversight of the airline they are assigned to. Each airline has a POI and their job is to be familiar with all aspects of the operation of the company they oversee. This will have an explosive impact for the FAA if it is deemed credible. Expect to see Mr. Monteleon in the upcoming Senate Hearings.

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  1. Rick 3 June 2009 at 15:05 #

    Check out this link regarding the Air France flight.


    Also take a look at the Aviation Safety Network site.

    It’s clear the plane broke up in flight.

  2. Chip 3 June 2009 at 18:01 #

    I agree, one piece was reported 60 miles from the rest. I suspect that is the vertical stabilizer (tail). I’m collecting some data, what little there is, and will post tomorrow. chip

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