KillaThrill Hoax very successful

Posted on 18. Dec, 2008 by in Featured

Instead of “The best air race pilot ever!!!”; this should be titled the best video hoax ever. I keep getting the video in my inbox. It was on the American Airlines Union website where quite a few experienced professional pilots fell for it. I even got it from a current Test Pilot friend. I must admit the first time I saw it I said wow.

3,000,000 hits on the original video, a huge PR success for KillaThrill; I suspect their thrill has not been killed over the publicity. The copies and de-bunking videos have generated millions of more hits; genius; pure marketing genius!

I almost felt guilty de-bunking it in past posts. Ironically it seems to have generated a larger viral response not smaller. While not an impressive feat of stunt flying, it is a very well done marketing stunt.

There is one problem however; obviously the whole point was to generate publicity for KillaThrill. After all this I still have no idea what KillaThrill is/does/provides. Oh well, sometimes hype overshadows product. That just might KilltheThrill for the ad executives.

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