Killathrill, Mega whoosh and now “Software Malfunction”

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Another incredible feat caught on video! Another greatest pilot ever battles a “software malfunction!” Sorry, it is actually another internet hoax using CGI. Computer Generated imagery; it is pretty good but they need a military/aviation technical advisor. My company’s services are available, for details.

First the video:

Not nearly as good as killathrill’s or mega whoosh’s; here is why: it does not mix actual footage with CGI. In my experience the best place to hide CGI is in plain sight. For example; in the opening scene of the attack on Pearl Harbor, in the movie of the same name; flights of Japanese aircraft cut through the mountain valleys as people watch. The lead aircraft of each flight are real, the wingman CGI. It looks great because the CGI aircraft are slaved to actual aircraft and their movement. Killathrill and mega Whoosh use the same technique.

Here are my problems with “Software Malfunction”:

The most obvious to a pilot in general is the flight controls do not match the movement of the nozzles. For example the vertical stabilizer never deflects. Here is a video of the SU-30, it also has vectoring thrust. Watch as the nozzles cycle the stabilizer matches the movement, even when they are modulating independently.

Next; the acceleration at the very end of the video is way too fast. The nozzles would have to vector aft slowly to insure controllability and then the jet aircraft could accelerate. The energy addition rate on the video is way too high.
The first thing that caught my eye as a former Naval Aviator; no crew on deck, not even a Launch Officer or LSE. A normal flight deck is teeming with crewman. Aircraft do not operate from ships without final checkers and launch personnel; there isn’t even a fire crew for an alleged experimental launch.

Also the video presentation itself: all PLAT cameras have the ship, date, time, wind direction and speed; presented at the top and bottom of the picture. This video did not.

As for the CGI; we’ve already discussed the acceleration rate. The other clear indicator is when you look closely as the CGI Joint Strike Fighter (F-35) accelerates away the imagery ripples through the parked helo. Also the sun angle was used to wash out the definition. A real camera would have been blinded by being pointed directly into the sun.
I’ll give it a C- as compared to killathrill’s A and mega whooshes B+. I suspect we will see a very similar presentation on a computer game very soon.

One last thing; to my knowledge the F-35 has not been to the ship yet.

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