KillaThrill Video compared to actual F-15 Video

Posted on 09. Nov, 2008 by in Featured

Here is a video of the Israeli F-15 single winged landing. Obviously the actual film sequences are a recreation. For example the Pilot talks about hitting an A-4 Skyhawk, and the aircraft in the video shown is an F-100 Super Saber. However the story is true and after action video and stills show the damage. Also note the vapor never stopped until they were on deck.

Quite a story! There was a stub of the wing left, coupled with the lifting body fuselage of the F-15 at 250 knots he was able to hold wings level. The hook he referenced is like the hook on Navy Aircraft. It drops from between the tail pipes of the engines and is designed to grab a steel cable that is stretched across the runway. When the USAF bought the F-4 Phantom they got their first experience with Navy style stopping. A great thing to have when you lose hydraulics or brakes so they put the hook on their new fighters. In the story he does not make a successful arrestment.

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