KillaThrill Video: Radio Control vs. Actual Aircraft

Posted on 11. Nov, 2008 by in Featured

Jon asked an excellent question on the “Sorry but I have to KillaThrill” post.

One question, though: Is the video totally fake, or could the various stunts be done with a good RC model and a skilled pilot? Jon

Both is the answer: first a good pilot and aircraft can do astonishing manuvers, see the video of the SU-30 (now 35) below.

Incredible; but a smaller propellar aircraft can also perform simular manuvers.

The devil is in the details. It is certainly possible to do the manuvers (with the exception of the single winged hover landing) in the video. In fact I believe the KillaThrill video is a mix of full scale and radio controled aircraft. Again watch the video from the “KillaThrill Video is a Hoax” post. After the wing detatches (photo shop IMO) and a few manuvers the camera comes off the aircraft (swith-a-roo) then the RC model takes over. It remains the RC model until right after landing, then switches back to the full scale aircraft. Slow it way down, and watch the wheel skirts (fairings over the tires); what did you see?

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