KillaThrill video vs. real wing failure

Posted on 24. Nov, 2008 by in Featured

When I debunked the KillaThrill video (Best air race pilot ever) I missed an important point. Aircraft wings support each other and thus fail together. A wing spar in most aircraft designs run from wing to wing and give both wings their strength. If the spar fails the wings will fail together. If a pilot pulls to hard and rips the wings off again they will fail together due to symmetrical g-load that centers at the fuselage. First let’s look at a catastrophic over-stress:

As the video shows both wings separated together at their weak point which on this aircraft was out board the engines. Also take note that the empennage (tail section) failed simultaneously under the excessive g-loading.

Next let’s look at a spar failure due to metal fatigue. Fatigue is usually caused by vibration over thousands of hours that cause a crack in a metal structure that is not found on an inspection.

Again both wings failed simultaneously as the wing spar failed. Not like the KillaThrill video. These are different types of aircraft however the concepts are the same. In 1996 an SU-31 (very similar to aircraft in KillaThrill video)while practicing for an air show had a spar failure; both wings folded just like the video above. I have not been able to find the SU-31 video.

One more thing if you still think it is real. There are no registration numbers on the KillaThrill aircraft, all aircraft have to have a country code letter followed by a serial number. In the USA the country code is N, thus the slang term “N-number”.

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