Lucky or No Lucky: KillaThrill video is still a Hoax

Posted on 03. Dec, 2008 by in Featured

I keep getting links to this hoax. The latest is a site that has a game show quality to it; you get to pick “lucky or no lucky”. In reference to whether the pilot makes it. It should read hoax or no hoax. Rather than drag out all the aero-dynamic and other explanations you can just click on the links to go back to last month and read about the technical evaluation. Use your own eyes for this one:

Run the videos at the same time. Stop the top video as the aircraft makes the initial low pass.

Let this video run until just after landing then stop it. Compare paint jobs. Pay particular attention to the white border stripe. Now start the one below and then stop it right after seperation move it back a few seconds do the same to the video above. Once set run them together.

Does it look familiar? Hoax, sorry.

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