Novel: Project Seven Alpha, American Airlines in Burma 1942. Now available for pre-order

Posted on 14. Oct, 2008 by in Featured

My novel is now available for pre-order from Pen and Swords Books LTD. Also available is Trailblazers, a collection of stories from Test Pilots, put together by Christopher Hounsfield. I have authored a chapter in Trailblazers and I think any aviation enthusiast will love both books.

It is a tough time in aviation these days. However I think the industry will pull out of its nosedive in 2009. When you depart controlled flight, the first objective is to stabilize after flopping around. Nose low, nose high; it does not really matter. Just get it to stop flopping, then recover. The market stopped flopping today, I think we have returned to controlled flight. Now it is time to smoothly recover. Blue skies. chip

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