Former NTSB Chief Calls For Grounding Of Twin-Turboprop Airliners

Posted on 20. Feb, 2009 by in Featured

This headline is why you don’t jump to conclusions and Jim Hall as the former head of the NTSB, should know that. He really got out on a limb and started sawing. The latest from the agency he used to head, makes it pretty clear that there was not an issue with the Q-400 aircraft, let alone every twin turbo prop in existence. In fact, reading between the lines it is obvious that icing was a distraction, but not a direct causal factor. You’d think, he would have at the very least, talked to some of his old people before condemning an entire portion of the industry as being unsafe.

The Q-400 has flown over one million hours according to Bombardier. Porter Air for example, operates Q-400’s exclusively; they operate in Canada. Do you think they have flown into icing over the years? And what about the twin turbo prop models that have never crashed due to icing? This is really amazing; it is a good thing he now works for a law firm.

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