It is official; everyone is on board the pilot fatigue bandwagon

Posted on 28. Jul, 2009 by in Featured

It only took 19 years. The NTSB started pushing pilot fatigue issues in 1990, no action was taken. After the Colgan Air incident in Buffalo, the FAA and Congress got onboard, now it appears airline executives are as well. ATW (Air Transport World) is an industry magazine for managers and airline insiders; its cover article for the August issue is on pilot fatigue.

After taking an initial hard line stance on the fatigue issue, the RAA (Regional Airline Association) softened its rhetoric when it became apparent that the FAA and Congress were going to act. The expedited rule process is now in high gear. Congress is unveiling legislation on pilot training today (The Airline Safety and Pilot Training Improvement Act for 2009), another issue that grew from the Colgan accident. I suspect this too will be fast tracked.

When I was a student Naval Aviator it was drummed into our heads that rules and procedures were written in blood. Maybe someday we will be smart enough to be more pro-active.

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