Passengers Bill of Rights; worse than I thought.

Posted on 20. Apr, 2007 by in Featured

Senators Boxer and Snowe have put out some details on their plan, it is worse than I thought. It will in effect gridlock the entire system in the event of a large storm. 3 hours! 3 hours and a passenger can demand to return to the gate, in fact the language suggests that a return to the gate is required regardless of what the passengers want. For you seasoned passengers, think about how many times you have waited hours to launch at LGA (New York) or ORD (Chicago) on nice day due to airspace congestion. That congestion will continue to get worse as more and more of the small jets fly into large airports. That small jet carrying 32 people takes the same gate/ramp/air space as a 747. Now mix in a summer thunderstorm. Even the self proclaimed passenger’s hero South West is opposed. Maybe it is time for the FAA to step up to the plate, putting idiotic congressionally mandated operational restrictions on the airlines will make it much worse

Remeber what sparked this; one airlines melt down at one airport, one aircraft (American Airlines) out of 2500 daily departures and an event that happened in 1999. Your tax dollars at work! Amazing!

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