Post Stall Gyrations (PSG) and Stock Market Fluctuations

Posted on 20. Oct, 2008 by in Featured

After an aircraft departs controlled fight it enters a stage known as post stall gyrations. The procedure is to neutralize the controls (no input) and hold on. If the aircraft moves from PSG to the incipient stage of a spin the pilot still has time to neutralize and the aircraft will fly itself out of extremis (altitude permitting). If the controls are not put into a neutral position in the incipient stage, the aircraft will enter a steady state spin. It will not spin without control input.

When in a steady state spin; positive control input opposite the direction of spin (normally rudder) must be applied. As rotation stops the pilot has to put the controls in the neutral position or the spin will go progressive. Simply put; it will then spin the other direction.

A swept wing aircraft (high performance) does not like to recover from a spin. The pilot must recognize and neutralize the controls and just hold on through the post stall gyrations and incipient stage. The reality is that normally by the time a fighter type aircraft goes steady state; there is not enough altitude to recover before a crash.

I think our economy is like a high performance wing. Stopping and starting a steady state trend is not easy and very unlikely to be successful. The USA is not like a third world (straight winged) economy that can be put easily into a spin and subsequently recovered from one.

It is time to neutralize the controls or at least let go of them and ride it out. Let the economy right itself. Every time Bernanke, President Bush or the Congress speak or do something, the market goes into PSG. Let go of the controls, guys like Warren Buffet will fly it out once the PSG has stopped.

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