Republic parks the last of Midwest Airlines aircraft, and puts the crews on the street

Posted on 03. Sep, 2009 by in Airlines, Blog

Midwest Airline now exists in name only. Republic has announced the last Boeing-717 aircraft will be parked next month. They will be replaced with E-190 aircraft, which have the same seat count, but will be being flown by less experienced crews for half the pay. I suspect they wish they had not rejected Air Trans proposal.

I still can’t understand what the Frontier guys were thinking. This was happening as they ran away from Southwest Airline and into the arms of Republic. Now there are rumors Republic will shut down Mokulele Airline within 3 months. I wish good luck to my friends at Frontier and advise them to update their resume’.

This is a microcosm of the airline industry. Midwest used to fly all first class mainline jets, with superior service and experienced crews. Now they will cram their passengers into smaller all coach aircraft and fly them with less experienced crews being paid half the rates. Feel pampered, feel safer?

If I were running Air Tran I would pounce on this market with their B-717 aircraft and its first class seating. I’d give free upgrades for all corporate passengers and drive home the reality of the “new” Midwest Airline. Ultimately they could get Midwest’s market share without paying a cent.

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