The specific Yemenia Airbus 310-300, registration number 7O-ADJ, was banned from French airspace

Posted on 30. Jun, 2009 by in Featured

Dominique Bussereau, the French Transport Minister, was quoted by the London Times as saying; “The Airbus A310 that came down was a 19-year-old aircraft which had been banned from French air space since 2007 after an inspection at Paris airport found that it did not meet safety standards.”

The first leg from France to Sanaa was flown by an Airbus 330-200.

The 310-300 model Airbus is not a fly by wire aircraft, there does not appear to be a connection to Air France 447’s crash in the Atlantic. Pilots who have flown the approach into Moroni report it is a very challenging maneuver. Winds were strong and gusting; the Times reports them as a cross-wind, however the official METAR weather report shows them down the runway. Both however show them very strong, and the volcanic island causes them to swirl with turbulence. Some operators will only go into Moroni during daylight hours.

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