Surviving passengers on Turkish Airlines Flight 1951 suing Boeing

Posted on 08. Sep, 2009 by in Blog, Crashes

Survivors of Turkish Air 1951 are suing Boeing; they should be suing Turkish Airlines in my opinion. I’ve pulled no punches in regard to the Boeing 787 out-sourcing disaster, but to sue the manufacturer in this case is ludicrous.

Three pilots sat idly by while the auto pilot stalled and crashed the aircraft. One of them was a Check Airman. They knew and discussed that the Captains radar altimeter was inoperative. Because of that, the auto throttles went to idle at 2,000 feet while the auto pilot tried to keep the aircraft on glide slope. 100 seconds, 1 minute and 40 seconds later after losing 40 knots, the aircraft stalled and crashed. Are they suing the Airline? Nope, the aircraft manufacturer; amazing.

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