USAIR flight 1549 crashes in Hudson River

Posted on 15. Jan, 2009 by in Featured

A USAIR airbus 320 has crashed into the Hudson River in New York City. Initial reports say all passengers survived. The crew reported striking a flock of geese and losing power on both engines. They then dead stick landed the airliner onto the Hudson River saving all aboard and countless people in New York city.

This is a truly great pilot; real not computer generated.

Normally I don’t speculate but being very familiar with LaGuardia and New York in this case I will. I believe that flight 1549 was taking off on runway 31, heading of 310 degrees magnetic. The aircraft flew into a flock of geese destroying both engines; with no power the crew franticly looked for a place to land. Unable to make Newark or JFK they turned hard left to land south on the Hudson River abeam Manhattan and the Aircraft Carrier Intrepid. They dead sticked the aircraft on the water so perfectly they neither caught a wing causing cart-wheeling or broke up the jet. It floated allowing all the passengers to escape. Truly heroic.

As a side note they had all of their retirement stolen and had their pay cut by 40% a few years back. Their CEO and President took 35 million in cash with them upon their departure. Nice huh?

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