Water Boarding happening routinely in California

Posted on 23. Jan, 2009 by in Featured

A little hamlet in north eastern San Diego County called Warner Springs is the torture capitol of the USA. There is another, smaller center, on the east coast in the mountains of Maine. It even has a name, SERE School, that’s right, a school for torture in the USA. There are more, these are just the US Navy facilities. There is a major difference however: this is not a how to torture school, it is a how to be tortured school. Translation the students are not learning torture techniques; they are being tortured.

That definition of “torture” is according to the current congress and the mainstream press. I’ve been listening to the press yammer on and on how sleep deprivation, destroying of religious articles, being beaten, brain washed and the horrifying water board is absolutely terrible. You will have to excuse us old and young combat trained aircrew if we don’t get upset, or even laugh.

It is because we have all been there, done that. Having been stretched out on the water board and watched others receive the full course, I can most assuredly tell you it is unpleasant. Basically, all it consists of is a long board approximately 8’X2’ propped up at one end. The only other necessary gear is a cup and a bucket of water. To put it in action you put the “students” feet at the high end fill the cup and then poor the water into his/her mouth and nose.
You really do feel like you are drowning and instantly lose perspective (i.e. you are in San Diego County). But no physical damage is done due to the elevated feet. Personally I thought the little “box” was worse, if you didn’t have claustrophobia going in, you sure did coming out. Sitting on a tiny bench in a coffin sized “facility” with a canvas bag over your head, in the Lotus position, for a day and a half sucked too. I found the physical slamming against the wall of the interrogation room to be a relief for my cramped back. It has been 24 years, but what I remember the most is being wet and cold, real cold, teeth chattering no feeling in extremities kind of cold. Oh yes, we hadn’t really eaten in a week either (one c-ration, a single rabbit stew split about 40 ways, and some gruel in camp). I did lose a lot of weight.

Is this an endorsement of torture? No. But it does show what is one mans torture is another mans “training”. Just an observation from the cheap seats of military retirement, it is what it is. You will have to forgive us if we are amused by the “accommodations” of those sworn to kill us. And by the way, I have been to Guantanamo Bay Cuba; it’s a lot warmer than the mountains around San Diego in the winter.

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