WWII Pilot doesn’t find his wings; instead he found a more important mission

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Harding is second row far left

Harding is second row far left

WWII Bomber Pilot, First Lieutenant Bernard Harding, returned to Germany to find his pilot wings. Sixty five years had changed the village and he was not able to find them. The villagers even arranged a flight over the country side so that he could try and orient himself from the air.

It was not to be, he didn’t find the pilot wings he had buried in the corner of a cellar he was held in. And yet his mission was not a failure, in fact he is on a more important one now. Just before he left a villager handed him a bracelet with the name Jack Glenn on it. He had taken it from an American Airman shot down and killed in WWII.

“Bring it home to Glenn’s family.”

In Alaska, 87 year old Helen Foreman is waiting for her brother’s bracelet. Second lieutenant Glenn was shot down when he was 21. He is buried in Belgium. His fellow aviator, first Lieutenant Harding, is on his final mission of the war.

These are the stories I love to tell in my novels.

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